Random Baby News

Let's see... She's sitting up better. We have this highchair that reclines so you can use it with an infant and then ratchet it up when they are ready. Well, she is ready; she sits comfortably with it all the way non-reclined. I fed her this morning upright like that. I think next time we go to a restaurant we're gonna try a highchair.

Speaking of feeding, we've started giving her some rice cereal every day. Yay solids! Makes her poop really... uh... fragrant.

What else... nap time is getting easier. Today she fell asleep next to me on the couch (as usual)
and then when she stirred a few minutes later I moved her into the bedroom into her crib and she went back down. That let me get some household chores done, so that's good.

She's playing with toys a lot more now. She looks a the book you read to her. She rolls around. She just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Six months already! Oh yeah, today is her 6 month birthday. Yay! Happy birthday, sweetpea!


Five Slow Guys and a Burger

Let me get this out of the way: Five Guys and a Burger make a tasty burger. That said, they need to hire staff that gives a damn about their job. They are slow slow slow, inattentaive, lackadaisical, cavalier... you get the idea.

First time I go in there I'm the only customer. It's 9pm and they close at 10. Half the staff is cleaning up, preparing to close. The other half is goofing off or cooking food for themselves. I place my order and after waiting for a while find out that they forgot to put up my burger. So I wait a while more. Watching them assemble the thing is like watching a Buster Keaton film. I didn't think it was hard to put a list of toppings on a burger but apparently it's quite the challenge.

Second time I go in there I watch them put the wrong toppings on there, then throw it out and stare at the ticket for about a minute trying to figure who knows what out. I was just bbq sauce guys. Is it really that hard? You've got a limited list of things that go on a burger; you should know what all of them are.

OK, burger assembled and wrapped... it sits there on the counter while about 3 guys just stand around doing nothing. I tell one of them to give me my burger... and he complies by bringing it over to the fry station to do I don't know what since I didn't order fries. He then bags it in I swear no less than a full minute.

This is ridiculous. I get that you make all your burgers fresh to order so they take some time, but there is nothing about your operation that dictates that every other aspect of putting an order together should be as slow as humanly possible. If the manager of the Parsippany Five Guys reads this: You need to fire your staff and hire some people who can get their shit together or your franchise will fail.


Baby Milestone

Today Lila demonstrated complete mastery of rolling over - both onto her stomach and onto her back. I know those of you without kids are probably like "So what?" but believe me for a baby it is a big deal. And I know those who had infants 20 years ago are probably like "6 months
seems a bit late" but what I've heard is since the pediatricians started encouraging parents to put their babies to sleep on the backs a side effect is it takes them longer to get comfortable on their stomachs and longer to build up arm strength. So all in all I'm a proud daddy.

Oh and she's getting better at learning to hold her own bottle too. Such a big girl already!


White Manna

Made a White Manna run last night. They used to close at 9:30, which made it impossible for late night runs; I can't get out of the house before 10:30 or 11:00. So I could only get over there if I was running an errand in that part of town.

But recently they decided to stay open till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays so score! Although in reality it's more like 11:30 since after that they get more and more grumpy with every customer that comes in. They really don't mean to stay open till midnight; it's more that they want to be cleaned up and closed by midnight.

So last night put the wife and baby to bed, waited till they fell asleep, and then in the car by 11:10 and a half hour drive due East. I pulled up just in time to see them turn off the big sign. But the door still said "open" so in I went and placed my order with no grumpiness from the grill-guy.

If you've never been there, it's a tiny place, U shaped counter seating about 12 surrounding the grill, space in the back for fries and supplies. So intimate, so filled with the smell of burgers and onions. I recently read someone else's review and they said they felt the double had a better meat-to-bun ratio than the single. Usually I order singles 'cause I like buns. So this time I order two singles and two doubles (all with onions and cheese and pickles). And some fries. Fries often come out quick so I can munch them while watching the grill-guy do his thing.

I thought it likely I'd be the last order of the night but then one guy came in soon after me and put in a small order. Then while I was eating they put up the "closed" sign, about 11:50. A guy comes in anyway and wants to order. The grill-guy begrudgingly lets him. In my opinion, if they want to stop serving at 11:45 they should just say they close at 11:45. But for my part I'm willing to do it their way and just try to get there early enough.

So what's my take on single vs double? They were both good. The doubles also had twice the cheese and were quite goopy. It was all good though and I don't know how I'll order next time. Mmmmm. Tasty just thinking about it. :P


permission to fail

Everyone raising kids (and everyone else too) should read this article, think about it, think about if we stifle ourselves and others by not accepting and even embracing imperfection. I know I do all the time. I think "I'm gonna put out all that effort for something that's not very good? That's a waste." And then I end up doing nothing, not developing, not growing. Grr.