Random Baby News

Let's see... She's sitting up better. We have this highchair that reclines so you can use it with an infant and then ratchet it up when they are ready. Well, she is ready; she sits comfortably with it all the way non-reclined. I fed her this morning upright like that. I think next time we go to a restaurant we're gonna try a highchair.

Speaking of feeding, we've started giving her some rice cereal every day. Yay solids! Makes her poop really... uh... fragrant.

What else... nap time is getting easier. Today she fell asleep next to me on the couch (as usual)
and then when she stirred a few minutes later I moved her into the bedroom into her crib and she went back down. That let me get some household chores done, so that's good.

She's playing with toys a lot more now. She looks a the book you read to her. She rolls around. She just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Six months already! Oh yeah, today is her 6 month birthday. Yay! Happy birthday, sweetpea!

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