Five Slow Guys and a Burger

Let me get this out of the way: Five Guys and a Burger make a tasty burger. That said, they need to hire staff that gives a damn about their job. They are slow slow slow, inattentaive, lackadaisical, cavalier... you get the idea.

First time I go in there I'm the only customer. It's 9pm and they close at 10. Half the staff is cleaning up, preparing to close. The other half is goofing off or cooking food for themselves. I place my order and after waiting for a while find out that they forgot to put up my burger. So I wait a while more. Watching them assemble the thing is like watching a Buster Keaton film. I didn't think it was hard to put a list of toppings on a burger but apparently it's quite the challenge.

Second time I go in there I watch them put the wrong toppings on there, then throw it out and stare at the ticket for about a minute trying to figure who knows what out. I was just bbq sauce guys. Is it really that hard? You've got a limited list of things that go on a burger; you should know what all of them are.

OK, burger assembled and wrapped... it sits there on the counter while about 3 guys just stand around doing nothing. I tell one of them to give me my burger... and he complies by bringing it over to the fry station to do I don't know what since I didn't order fries. He then bags it in I swear no less than a full minute.

This is ridiculous. I get that you make all your burgers fresh to order so they take some time, but there is nothing about your operation that dictates that every other aspect of putting an order together should be as slow as humanly possible. If the manager of the Parsippany Five Guys reads this: You need to fire your staff and hire some people who can get their shit together or your franchise will fail.

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