Went to Hershey Park and Lancaster with my mom and my sister's family. It was my mom's 60th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Here's some pictures from the trip.


Changing the settings

I've added titles for each post to make the rss feed nicer. I've also enabled the comments feature so you can give me your 2 cents. Woohoo!


Having a very busy weekend. Parties all three days. 'Course, two of those parties are with family so it's not TOO wild a crazy. Last night I saw friends, though, and that was nice. They're all having babies. Some are on their second. It makes me feel old. That's the last step to adulthood, isn't it? Having kids? Well, I'll grow up eventually. ;)


I got some great presents this birthday:


So it seems I discovered Xevoz just as they are on their way out. I really like the elemental ones (species: Hyperfuries). There are only 3: fire, ice, and electricity. So here's the sucky thing that happened. My ice guy came in a two pack that also included a robot guy (species: Biomecha). But the robot guy had a faulty part - the torso piece - which made him less than useful. I contacted Hasbro and they said I needed to send the entire thing - both figures - back and they'd send a replacement... or a similar one of the same value. !!! I wanted to get my defective figure replaced but I didn't want to risk losing my ice guy, who was the one I really cared about anyway. Well, I took a chance and sent em all back... and got screwed. They sent me the two pack with a werewolf and an undead guy (species: Metabeast and Unnatural) - two species I don't care about at all. Meanwhile, I discover that the ice guy is now impossible to find in any store. My guess it Hasbro took any remaining stock and junked it since there was a defective part. Arg!!! So now if I want the ice guy it looks like my only option is eBay but then we're talking probably $30 which is way more than I was planning to spend on this. So, if any of you out there like Xevoz, I'm willing to trade a Moon Stalker and Hemo Goblin, new in box, for a Cryo Katana in nearly any condition. I'll even be willing to throw in some Neosapiens if you want. Good deal, right?

Anyway... As you might have noticed, I play with toys. I thought this deserved it's own web site so I'm spitting off any further toy talk to my new website: playwithtoys.net. There I'll talk about what toys I'm currently playing with, what new toys out there I have my eye on, maybe some movies of me playing with my toys, things like that. Eventually I'd like to take user submissions as well. Playing with toys can be a very creative activity - like painting but with a very easy to use pallete - and I'd like to provide an outlet for that creativity, a place to share. Oh, I'll also put up links to other sites I find featuring people playing with toys.

So there ya go. Something to look forward to, right?


I've been playing with Stikfas again. Now there is also Xevos which are not generic, but they are very cool looking none-the-less. Here's some stop-frame animations I made. The first I made a while ago with some plushes. The next two I made last night. They are extremely short, dark, and sucky but it was 1 in the morning. They're more of a proof-of-concept.