A while ago I made too much coffee so I poured it into an ice-cube tray and froze it. Today I put the cubes, a frozen banana, Hershey's chocolate syrup, and a spoon of sugar into the blender. I gradually added water until the consistency was right and then... yum! A frozen, chocolaty, banana-y drink with a coffee undertone (and buzz). :)


AMC Loews Wayne 14

If you find yourself in the AMC Loews Wayne 14 (the movie theater behind the Willowbrook Mall)...

There is a table but it's at a severe angle. I have now seen this same problem in a number of restrooms. My guess is there is a trick to installing it and whoever is doing it isn't checking their work.


Another first

I think L laughed her first laugh last night. I got her to do it a few times. It was a brief "heh heh heh". We are happy parents. :)



If you find yourself in the Applebee's in Parsippany...

There is a changing table. It's at an angle but not so much as to make it unusable. It also comes stocked with disposable changing pads.


a daily dose

I just discovered DailyLit (via this post on CoolTools. They take public domain stories, break them up into small chunks (about a five minute read) and then send it to you via RSS subscription. Brilliant! I'm currently reading "Moby Dick" (for the first time) and I am very much enjoying it.

Maybe this will be the way to get my friend, Earthshine, to actually read. ;)