fruity solids

So we've started L on solid foods. Not so solid, though: rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potato mush, etc. And we do this at the same time we're eating a meal so that we're all eating together. But we only do it at home. So yesterday we're at a restaurant (Chinese buffet) and just as J and I get our plates of food L starts whining. We figured out that she was basically saying, "Hey, where's my food?" So I went back to the buffet to see if there was anything I could give her and found her a piece of cantaloupe. She totally dug it. She was munching and sucking away at it until it crumbled into smaller bits all in her lap and the floor. So I got her a few more. It was totally cool. We had read that babies let you know when they are ready for solids and it turned out to be totally true.



L has started into some serious babbling this morning. Maybe she's getting close to talking? That would be cool.


she's getting bigger every day

Some quick L news. She's holding the bottle herself regularly now. She holds herself up in a sitting position if you put her there... and today she lifted herself into sitting from lying on her back. First time. She's got a new stroller and it's got shocks so rides are less bumpy. She celebrated her first Halloween yesterday - she dressed as a cow.

Cute story. This little girl came trick-or-treating with her mom. We put some candy in her basket and then showed her L who was lying in her stroller. This little girl sees L is dressed up so she reaches into her basket, takes out a piece of candy, and puts it in the stroller. Possibly the sweetest thing I've ever seen. So L has another first - her first Halloween candy (it's a Tootsie roll).