hPDA wallet idea

A few months ago my brother-in-law gave me a very thin wallet. It's made of kite material (rip-stop nylon it says on the website) so it's light, thin, and tough. So today I was browsing the company's website and saw their traveler model. It basically takes out the stitching from one side turning two credit card pockets into one larger pocket, and then enlarges the whole thing a little bit, with the idea that you could stick your passport in there. Hence the "traveler". Anyway, it looks to me like that pocket would fit some 3x5 cards just perfectly. So then you'd have a thin, minimalist wallet that also holds your Hipster.

Currently I'm trying out simply keeping my pierced hPDA sandwiched inside the wallet since that's what I've got. But I thought the greater hPDA community at large might find that "traveler" wallet an interesting option.

baby news

Quick update:

Noticed she crawled much better on the bed then on the floor (don't worry, I make sure she doesn't go off the edge) so I took some foam I had in the craft closet, wrapped one of our many baby blankets around it and pinned it in place, and put that down in her play area. Now she crawls well there too. Maybe something about the harder floor or the scratchy carpet was putting her off? In any case, her crawling is developing well.

Also she now will pick up something and hand it to you. Then you can hand it back to her. That makes for a fun game and teaches her some good interpersonal stuff.


long time no type

Finished reading "Lord of the Rings"... finally. What a drag. I had tried reading it back when I was, like, 13 or so and always reading something but I didn't finish. Back then I prided myself on always finishing whatever I started reading. But after starting RotK, getting about 1/3 through it, and then not feeling like picking it up for long enough to forget who everyone was, I gave up. For years I told myself it was due to there being too many characters with similar names. So now years later, having watched the movies a bunch of times, I felt ready to read the trilogy right through.

Ugh. It wasn't the confusing names, although that didn't help anything. It's just that these books are poorly written. He spends no time on dialog or action or developing characters and instead will go on for paragraphs about scenery. I got through it all but it was just torture.

And of course now I see that what I thought was only 1/3 of the way through was more likely almost to the end since a good portion of RotK is appendices. Bitter irony.

In other news, I've been thinking/reading a lot about GTD lately and after re-evaluating my current processes I'm fairly happy with it. My reference system needs improving, though, not least of all because the filing cabinet is wedged behind the play-pen so its hard to get to.

My sister is currently in Columbia adopting three children. Wild.

I keep looking at that previous post and it's putting me in the mood for coffee. I will go try to make some before the baby wakes up.