Birthday update: got N.O.L.F. 2! I've been looking forward to this game since I first heard about it. I'll get on this as soon as I finish Devil May Cry.


Yo, I turned 30 yesterday. Woo.

So far I have received a Playstation 2 and a sandwich squisher. Fantastique! I love squishing sandwiches and I love playing video games.

Oh, and my weight loss is moving again: I hit my 10% goal!



I got a headache coming on. My weight loss has stalled. My motivation for anything is low.

On a positive note, played Brawl today at lunch with the wife. Early verdict is we both enjoy it.


Check this out. Wow. Makes ya think. Or at least makes me think. My first reaction was like, "Man, I should get movin' if I wanna be famous!" but then I was like, "Since when do I want to be famous?" *shrug*

So I went to visit my oldest friend, Joe, this weekend. It was a good time. Good to see him and Kim (his wife) and Ari (his 6 week old bambino). It's definately a mind-fuck seeing him being a dad; I think for him as well. It was also great seeing some of the other crew as well: Dave, Marcus, Mark, & Amy. Dave's got a new squeeze. Marcus tells me the reason I don't ever see him with a squeeze is a) he's picky and b) if he had one he'd have better things to do than see me. :O

So while up there I got the chance to play a whole mess of Icehouse variants. I was really looking forward to that since a number of the games require more than 2 people and I usually only have access to my wife. *boom-chika-waaaah!* :) I got very frustrated with Homeworld, but now that I reflect on Dave and Joe's calm demeanors, I think maybe I was just missing something. I'll probably give it another chance.

Anyway, lots more happened but I want to jump ahead to the climactic ending: I'm a God-parent! Yay! Joe and Kim have bestowed the highest honor one can bestow on another person - trust to raise their kids if the unfortunate need should arise. Wow. My new hobby is cultivating paranoia that I am not worthy of this. :/

OK, I'll flesh this out later. Back to work.