Sometimes I find it hard to share my feelings without hurting other people's feelings. How about you?

Oh, and I didn't win the Domo-kun alarm clock auction. Oh well.


Hey all. I know I haven't posted in a few days, but I really just didn't have anything to say. Isn't that wierd? Anyway, I lost 15 pou-ounds, I lost 15 pou-ounds. Yay! Also, my love for things cute has led me to... Domo-kun. Isn't he cute? Yep, he's cute alright. I'm trying to aquire the dancing Domo-kun alarm clock. :/


As promised, I did some Swing coding yesterday. I created an application that lets you play Buttonmen against someone sitting next to you. I know, I know - lame for not having internet play. I'm working on it, gimme a few more days.


Man, I'm tired this morning. Didn't sleep well last night... had some cool dreams I can't remember. *Yawn* Maybe I'll code something in Swing today just for fun... it's been a while.

Zip zap news... I got more track sets this weekend so I would have enough to build something bigger than the smallest track possible. Seriously, get yourself at least two of these - I got three since they are only $10. Anyway, I build the biggest track that could fit on my dining room table, which isn't too big - I didn't need to open the third box. It was cool. More interesting than a simple circle or figure eight. More to come as I expand to the kitchen floor!

I tried to get me a game called Brawl, but it's looking like stores have phased them out in favor of Fightball, the latest in the real-time card game genre. So I got that instead, Aztecs vs Dark, and it was fun. I'm Aztec and the wife is Dark. I'm still interested in Brawl tho, so I might have to try the dark and shady world of ONLINE SHOPPING. Ooooh.


OK, modified the comic so maybe it's a tad more funny. Still not my best, but... there it is.

After playing with my rc cards last night, I think the bit-charg car has a tighter turning radius than the zip zap. That's important to me since I like racing on the table.
Yo, yo. New comic up. Yay.

Also, just discovered RPG World. Check it out if you like.

Also, I finally finished "Eight Mindfull Steps to Happiness". Good book. I really feel if I follow the instructions within as best I can then my life will be better and I will be more helpful to people around me.

Man, I'm hungry. I'm gonna have a bite.


Man, head in a fog today. Yesterday too. So I set up a simple zip zap track last night and it works great - much better than the bit-charg track, IMHO. It's got higher walls that the car won't jump over and all the pieces lock together so it doesn't get knocked all out of whack every time I bump it. I can't wait to build something a tad bigger and then race my wife. :) Today I tried out the blue motor and it is really slow and easy to play with on a small desk. Turning radius is a bit larger than I'd like, but I'm not sure if it's always been like that or I'm just noticing it more now that it's slow mo'. Hey, if anyone has cool track pics, please send 'em my way. Thx.


I like dem zip zaps (miniature r/c cars). Just picked up the track kit as well as the cones & barrels kit. Make sure to stop off here as well for lots of info, tips, pics, and forums.
I can't stop listening to this track by MC Frontalot. I just finished d/l'ing the rest of his bits and we'll see if they are just as infectious.


I wanted to get in one more brain dump for the day. It's been an exciting first day for me. I hope you get some enjoyment out of all this.

I've linked the comics and this together and the whole thing has a consistent look and feel now. It all needs more work, I guess, but it'll do for now. I also changed where the domain points to - this is now the top page. Oh, and my wife is working on sime illustrations for a new comic strip. That should be fun.

Ok, chickens, see ya tommorow.
I don't know about you, but I always enjoy a good PC vs console debate. I seem to recall Penny Arcade covering this some time ago and now PvP is getting into the fray, although I think Scott does it just for the attention. Regardless of motives, however, I enjoy the output all the same.

So here's my two cents - after all, that's what a blog is for, right?

Point #1: PCs are harder to maintain than consoles
This is true. There was a time I would tweak settings and change IRQs and whatnot because that was how you got things done in the old days. Now-a-days, if it's more that the two step process of "Install" followed by "Play" then I can't be bothered. I have passed on certain demos because of this. I mean really, there are enough developers getting it right that I don't think I need to waste time with those others. However, even under the best of circumstances, I STILL expect my PC to crash or do something else freaky - probably because I use Windoze, but that's where the games are.

And there's also the potential for hardware compatibility to rear it's ugly head, although as the years go by I find this less and less of a real issue.

So anyway, I like the plug-n-play-ness of consoles, but computers are getting better at that all the time.

Point #2: PC games have more depth than those for consoles
I've played console games now and again but never found one that sucks me in like a good PC game does. I mean, my college GPA seriously suffered because of things like Civ. I've killed a half hour on a console, but never a whole WEEK.

But I tell ya, I really WANT to like consoles (for that whole easier to maintain thing in point #1). So with that in mind I finally bought a Dreamcast when they came down to $100. - and I can confidently say that nothing has changed: I will be entertained for maybe a half-hour, maybe a whole hour, but that's it. The exception was "Record of Lodoss War" - I played that every night for a few weeks until it got ridiculously hard. Then I gave up.

I'm now currently very slowly working my way through "Rayman 2" - about two evenings a month. But I play "Soldier of Fortune" every night till 1am. So there you go. Hey, if you got a game for Dreamcast you want to recommend me, go for it. I'm always up for being proved wrong.
OK, so I tweaked the template a little, got it just so, probably more tweeking later (I'm a compulsive tweeker ;) ). For now, let us all ask ourselves why I like starting my sentences with "OK", OK? L8r.
Hello world! Isn't that how it all starts? OK, so I don't really know what shape this'll take but experience has taught me to just jump in and see what happens. This is me jumping.


OK, I jumped.