It is hard to teach without the ego inflating.


Completed my second full day meditation retreat on Saturday. There was very little of the "When is this going to end?" type thoughts, so that is encouraging.

Saw "Equilibrium" yesterday. Liked it.


Wanna see my first animated bit? It's really short, but whaddiya expect for a first try? Eskimo Bob?


Dammit! My blog isn't updating. Of course, by the time you see this, it will have updated, but I thought I'd bitch about it anyway. :P

In other news, I've quit Beliefnet, this time completely. Last time I only quit the more populous groups. There's something about religion that is hard to stay equanimous about. I got a new copy of the Dhammapada for Chanukka - there's a strange juxtiposition if I ever saw one. Um... I'm not really having lots to say.. I'm eating ice-cream even though I'm out of Weight Watchers points for the day. OK, I think I'm definately out of steam. Talk to ya later.