the pinnacle reached

I just had a perfect cup of coffee.
Lavazza ground espresso
made in a single serving Bialetti moka pot
served in a Bodum double walled espresso glass
accompanied by a piece of Lindt Excellence 85%
smelled wonderful
tasted wonderful
not even a hint bitterness; no sugar or milk was necessary
I even swirled it around in my mouth looking for various notes of flavor

Perfect. Ahhhhhh.


I hereby coin the term "smipo" which means a typo'd smiley. So for example, if I accidentally type a wink ;) instead of a smile :) that would be a smipo. It is pronounced with a long 'i' as in smile and long 'o' as in typo.



If you find yourself in the Petco in Parsippany on Rt. 46...

There is a working changing table.