Hi ho!
Still playing Katamari Damacy. The only thing better than playing it I think is to tell people about it. It just so wacky!
Went to UberCon two weekends ago. Had a great time. Met some webcomic artists of some of my favorites. I bought the book from the RPG World guy and he drew an awesome sketch in it. Maybe I'll scan it later.
This coming weekend is exciting. The wife and I are going to check out a "sustainable living community". Very exciting indeed!


What have I been up to lately? Well, after reading this interview, I've been making clocks. On the computer. I hope to have some links up soon. Also, I've been playing Katamari Damacy. Tycho called it the best $20 bucks he ever spent on a game and I echo that fully.

Oh, and we have some new pictures. On Saturday, the wife and I bopped around the Village. We hit a street faire and the guy who runs the turtle races at the Ren Faire was there so we got to see that again. Number 0, Englebert Lump, won. Then we watched some bocci at the park.

On Sunday, we went hiking with a guy we know from Wednesday meditation.