Ugh! My entire account at keenspace was blown away. I will get the blog archive up in a few minutes and the comics back up tonight. Hopefully.

In other news, I tried to help my dad fly an r/c plane this weekend. But I didn't give him enough instructions and we were both eager to see him fly so all that happened was the destruction of yet another plane. However, he gave me his plane, which was still in the box so once I get that one trimmed out I'll be back in the air.


Why was I up till 1am last night? It's FMS, the flying model simulator! So now, instead of going out at night when it's too windy anyway, I can get my r/c flying fix right here on my computer. Sweet. Now I just have to get a controller I can hook up to the computer and I'm all set. 'Cause unfortunately my joystick only gives me two channels. Hmm, I wonder if my Space Orb would give me more channels? But I never got over the learning curve for this thing. What to do?


Nice weekend. My wife woke me up on Sunday kinda early with the words "there's no wind". So I got up, fixed my Firebird XL (I had the control lines hooked up backwards), and headed out to the flying field. And boy was she right; I've never seen a day so still! Flew the plane 4 times without crashing even once. Also, I got to see some Zagis and some IFOs in action.