Man, I'm tired this morning. Didn't sleep well last night... had some cool dreams I can't remember. *Yawn* Maybe I'll code something in Swing today just for fun... it's been a while.

Zip zap news... I got more track sets this weekend so I would have enough to build something bigger than the smallest track possible. Seriously, get yourself at least two of these - I got three since they are only $10. Anyway, I build the biggest track that could fit on my dining room table, which isn't too big - I didn't need to open the third box. It was cool. More interesting than a simple circle or figure eight. More to come as I expand to the kitchen floor!

I tried to get me a game called Brawl, but it's looking like stores have phased them out in favor of Fightball, the latest in the real-time card game genre. So I got that instead, Aztecs vs Dark, and it was fun. I'm Aztec and the wife is Dark. I'm still interested in Brawl tho, so I might have to try the dark and shady world of ONLINE SHOPPING. Ooooh.

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