Check this out. Wow. Makes ya think. Or at least makes me think. My first reaction was like, "Man, I should get movin' if I wanna be famous!" but then I was like, "Since when do I want to be famous?" *shrug*

So I went to visit my oldest friend, Joe, this weekend. It was a good time. Good to see him and Kim (his wife) and Ari (his 6 week old bambino). It's definately a mind-fuck seeing him being a dad; I think for him as well. It was also great seeing some of the other crew as well: Dave, Marcus, Mark, & Amy. Dave's got a new squeeze. Marcus tells me the reason I don't ever see him with a squeeze is a) he's picky and b) if he had one he'd have better things to do than see me. :O

So while up there I got the chance to play a whole mess of Icehouse variants. I was really looking forward to that since a number of the games require more than 2 people and I usually only have access to my wife. *boom-chika-waaaah!* :) I got very frustrated with Homeworld, but now that I reflect on Dave and Joe's calm demeanors, I think maybe I was just missing something. I'll probably give it another chance.

Anyway, lots more happened but I want to jump ahead to the climactic ending: I'm a God-parent! Yay! Joe and Kim have bestowed the highest honor one can bestow on another person - trust to raise their kids if the unfortunate need should arise. Wow. My new hobby is cultivating paranoia that I am not worthy of this. :/

OK, I'll flesh this out later. Back to work.

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