So it seems I discovered Xevoz just as they are on their way out. I really like the elemental ones (species: Hyperfuries). There are only 3: fire, ice, and electricity. So here's the sucky thing that happened. My ice guy came in a two pack that also included a robot guy (species: Biomecha). But the robot guy had a faulty part - the torso piece - which made him less than useful. I contacted Hasbro and they said I needed to send the entire thing - both figures - back and they'd send a replacement... or a similar one of the same value. !!! I wanted to get my defective figure replaced but I didn't want to risk losing my ice guy, who was the one I really cared about anyway. Well, I took a chance and sent em all back... and got screwed. They sent me the two pack with a werewolf and an undead guy (species: Metabeast and Unnatural) - two species I don't care about at all. Meanwhile, I discover that the ice guy is now impossible to find in any store. My guess it Hasbro took any remaining stock and junked it since there was a defective part. Arg!!! So now if I want the ice guy it looks like my only option is eBay but then we're talking probably $30 which is way more than I was planning to spend on this. So, if any of you out there like Xevoz, I'm willing to trade a Moon Stalker and Hemo Goblin, new in box, for a Cryo Katana in nearly any condition. I'll even be willing to throw in some Neosapiens if you want. Good deal, right?

Anyway... As you might have noticed, I play with toys. I thought this deserved it's own web site so I'm spitting off any further toy talk to my new website: playwithtoys.net. There I'll talk about what toys I'm currently playing with, what new toys out there I have my eye on, maybe some movies of me playing with my toys, things like that. Eventually I'd like to take user submissions as well. Playing with toys can be a very creative activity - like painting but with a very easy to use pallete - and I'd like to provide an outlet for that creativity, a place to share. Oh, I'll also put up links to other sites I find featuring people playing with toys.

So there ya go. Something to look forward to, right?

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