Happy thanksgiving! I know this is probably two days late for you, but I had thanksgiving on Tursday, a chanukka party yesterday, and another one coming up today in about an hour. So for me the party's still going strong. :) Of course, that's a lot of food, too. :p I managed to lose a half a pound Friday morning if you can believe it. I think that's mainly due to the Pump It Up (home PC version) we played the evening before. If nothing else, that game is an easy way to get me excersizing.

So after touring the animation studios at Disney World MGM (me and the wife went down for our 1 year aniversary), I got all inspired again to pull out the Wacom, load up some drawing programs and Flash, and see if I could make it happen this time. I'm happy to report that I've had some success. So it just may be that soon you will be infested with... STUPID FLASH CARTOONS!!! Yay! As if the web needed more of those. Of course, the web doesn't need another blog either. :/

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