OK, I know I have to update this thing more frequently because all yous out there have nothing to do or think about unless I fill your collective heads with my pearls. So...

It turns out the guy auctioning dancing domo-kuns has a whole bunch and is just auctioning them off one at a time. Fine with me - I won the very next auction, and at the price I wanted. God bless America. Anyway, this thing is cute. Even though the instructions are all in Japanese, I figured out how to set the clock and alarm and make it dance. Dance, god-damnit, dance for meeee!!! I love this thing. It is so cute and adorable.

I realize that sounded girly, but what can I say? I like cute things. I also like manly things like ninjas and bikini clad women and even the occasional bikini clad ninja, soooo... I don't know what my point is.

In other news (dit-di-di-dit), I'm trying to start a sourceforge project for my java traffic simulator. If this sounds like something you would like to help work on, let me know. OK, back to work.

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