So a few months (years?) ago I was browsing the manga section of my local mega-bookstore and I saw they had re-released Elfquest in manga format. I thought that was awesome. Comics don't display in a library well and oversized graphic novels often don't fit at all, but manga display great - all those identically sized books with big numbers on the spine all lined up nice and neat. I found the idea of owning it again, especially in this format, very appealing. But alas, some stupid-head made the decision to print it in black and white. I knew this was originally published in color and I just couldn't see downgrading like this. Still, I sat and read the first volume and was immediately reminded of why I had loved this story so much.

Fast forward to about a month ago. I'm in the used/out-of-print book section of a particularly large mega-bookstore and find yet another re-release. This time the whole first story arc in one hardcover volume AND IN FULL COLOR! Not cheesy cheap comic color either (where the color patches don't always line up with the drawing, y'know?) but very respectable color. HERE was an edition very much worth it. And it was at a great price because apparently it had been released a few years ago and there was a stack here that obviously wasn't selling at full price so they marked it down substantially.

I haven't bought it yet but I know I will. It's just a matter of finding the money. Then I can go back and visit Cutter and Skywise and Leetah and everyone... hopefully without regresing back to a pretentious high-schooler. :D

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