I got a new digital camera. I wanted something cheap and small that I could just have on me without having to consciously decide to bring a camera along. I know, I know, why not a camera phone? Well, I like the phone that I already have and it doesn't have a camera. Anyway, here's a picture of Janet playing bocci:

The camera can take big pictures or small pictures. Big ones look nicer but small ones take up less space. I've been trying out both. Here's a picture from my parking lot:

It's small. It's OK, but not great quality. Here's the same picture taken big:

That's much better I think. I took some other pictures of people, but I took them all small and they didn't come out so good. I think I'm gonna stick with big pictures for people. Here's the small shot of the bocci game:

See, I think if I'm trying to capture a person, small is no good. But If I'm just trying to capture a scene, then I think small is OK. If I'm going for a pretty shot, something asthetic, then big is the way to go, obviously. Anyway, we'll see what I come up with in the next few days.

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