video killed the radio star

Finally got past the baby-shower-weekend. Ugh. I am never planning a surprise party for anyone ever. I try very hard not to lie and juggling that with trying to not spoil the surprise is too much for me to bear.

But, the party was nice, lots of people, lots of presents for the baby, J got her "welcome into motherhood" party. And I got to hang with Atlas for a while. I asked him what he wanted to do and he immediately said "White Castle". For those of you in the know we hit the one on Hylan Blvd. Then we hit the mall for a bit. But like the time earthshine and I drove around the city (also enroute to sliders) there were too many cars and it took too long to get anywhere. In hindsight I should've picked a closer spot so we could spend more time hanging and less time weaving through traffic. Not that a nice drive can't be a good hang; it just requires less traffic. Nevertheless, it was a good time. Food: tasty. Talk: pleasant. As has been the case for a while, Atlas' conversation focused on his kids... but me being an imminent father myself made it much more relevant and (dare I say) interesting.

I just finished washing another pile of dishes and I feel satisfied by my efforts.

Earlier this evening, J and I watched a few MTV videos she taped from back in the day followed by an episode of the Muppet Show (guest: Elton John). That was fun. Now she's in bed, I'm eating a slice of Ellios and sharing the warm feeling in my belly and heart.

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